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My name is Mara Moschini and I was born on the 16th of June in Cuneo, the northern part of Italy.

I attended the "Ego Bianchi" High School of Arts in Cuneo, where I got fond of drawing and sculpture and obtained my school-leaving certificate.

After the "Liceo" I attended the sculptural department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara because marble really absorbed me but the most fascinating thing for me was -and still is- the technique experience which is needful to give marble a smooth shape.

During the Academy years I got in touch with some colleagues from Pietrasanta; this gave me the opportunity to step in a sculpture studio as an apprentice. Here I definitely improved in the marble technique.

Since 1992 to 2005 I have shared a sculpture studio with two other colleagues, where I have created my stoneworks. I participated to some sculpture Symposia as a guest artist in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and Japan.

I worked as a restorer and practising "Plaster Technique" for a small period, but the sculpture actually is still remaining my favourite activity and aim.

Since 1991 I also took part in some Art-exhibitions in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden.

I love shaping marble and realizing the importance of a suitable technical support and the ability required on and on ; this helps me to really create the shapes I have in mind.

I love moulding and painting baked-clay, too.

Being found of the Tuscan style and way-of-life, I have decided to live and work in Pietrasanta for several years. At the moment I live and work between Cuneo and Pietrasanta. |